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Environmental Programs and Project Audits

de maximis has provided Project Management and Technical Support services for PRP Groups at over 100 federal and state Superfund sites across the country (see de maximis' page on Multi-Party Site Coordination and Management Services). We have also provided these services for individual corporations involved in a variety of environmental projects under state, federal and voluntary remedial programs (see de maximis' page on Technical Support and Management Services for Industry, Corporations and Trade Groups).

Our senior staff members have assisted many corporations in conducting audits of their corporate environmental programs and specific projects (e.g. environmental site remediation [voluntary or mandated], site demolition and decommissioning, sediment remediation, remedial system operation & maintenance). As appropriate, we meet with our client's project manager(s) or environmental staff to review the status of each project or the corporate management program. Our initial goal is to gain an appreciation for those areas where there may be a potential to reduce the overall time and/or cost of remediation or to understand what may need to be "fixed". We have performed audits on projects during all phases of the remediation. For example, during the initial stages of a Remedial Investigation (RI), we look for ways to modify the scope of work, contracting strategy and other agency requirements that will ultimately dictate the level of effort and cost. We have also conducted audits at the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) phase, when long-term liability and operational cost become the driving economic factors. Our staff applies its extensive management and technical expertise to develop an "end-game" or "buy-out" strategy for our clients. We have evaluated proposals from companies offering "exit programs" for our clients, helping them to decide when in a project it makes economic sense to consider transferring liability and cost.

Once we have completed our audit, we meet with our client(s) to present and discuss our findings with the primary goal of identifying tangible items where cost and time savings are realistically possible. In some cases, corporations may be spending a high percentage of internal resources on projects that represent a relatively small percent of their liability. By contracting external technical/management services, corporations are better able to focus on those projects that constitute the majority of the corporation's liability and cost-exposure. We also examine projects and programs for those intangible elements that may be affecting the success and cost of a project or program, such as changes in political strategies or agency relationships.

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