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Independent Quality Assurance Team (IQAT)

Quality Assurance (QA) refers to the tasks performed to verify that the work being performed by the remedial contractor conforms with the contract documents and that the product is of high quality. The specific QA tasks are described in a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) and should present a systematic approach to document that the Construction Quality Assurance Plan (CQAP) is being effectively implemented. On some projects the Contractor performs the QA tasks. Often, however, to avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest, Clients/Owners often prefer that an Independent Quality Assurance Team (IQAT) perform the QA tasks.

de maximis has been providing Clients/Owners with IQAT services on major projects (e.g. Superfund) across the country, helping to improve the quality and outcome of the work. As IQAT, our primary responsibilities are to:

  • Verify the proper implementation of the CQAP
  • Verify the proper implementation of all testing, monitoring and methodologies required by the project specifications
  • Observe and document the performance of the Engineer's and Contractor's work to assess compliance with the project standards
  • Report directly to the Client/Owner others regarding our observations and evaluations, with recommendations for measures that will improve the project quality

de maximis has developed an IQAT approach that minimizes the time required for us to be on-site yet maximizes our effectiveness to bring the necessary confidence that the constructed remedy meets the project requirements. On some projects, our services are required on a full-time basis; on other projects we work with the Client/Owner, Engineer and Contractor to identify key activities that would require IQAT oversight. All of our observations and monitoring are fully documented using industry-accepted forms, as well as forms created specifically for each project.

Our goal as the IQAT is to help the project team successfully complete the project. We understand that many field issues can and should be resolved through good communication between the IQAT, Resident Engineer and Contractor. On occasion, however, issues do arise that are considered significant and need to be properly documented and monitored for corrective action.

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