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Technical Support for Law Firms

The professionals at de maximis routinely work closely with lawyers involved in environmental matters for their clients. When combined with legal expertise, our technical and project management experience provides clients with an effective team that can evaluate and avoid environmental liabilities and risk, or manage them when they arise. Our pragmatic approach minimizes the amount of time, resources and cost required to understand and resolve environmental issues. We are experienced and successful in providing the rapid response that legal matters often need and clients deserve. Over the past 12 years, our firm has focused on providing project management and technical leadership services on a broad range of projects, including nearly 100 Superfund sites across the country. Our broad range of experience provides a base of technical and non-technical information that all of our Project Managers can access to assist firms practicing in the field of environmental law.

Law firms look to de maximis to provide the following services in support of their activities:

  • Peer review and assessment of technical reports, plans and specifications
  • Remedial strategy development
  • Remedial alternatives evaluation
  • Cost estimating and evaluation of cost estimates prepared by others
  • Management of services procurement (prepare Scopes of Work, Requests for Proposal [RFP], coordination of bidding process, selection, and contracting assistance)
  • Construction Management/Oversight of field activities
  • Independent Quality Assurance Team (IQAT)
  • Public relations support
  • File reviews / Environmental executive summaries
  • Litigation support and expert witness
  • Coordination of project activities when multiple parties are involved

Law firms routinely retain us on the following types of projects:

  • Plant closings and decommissioning/demolition
  • Property acquisition and sales
  • Property redevelopment
  • Radionuclide impacted sites
  • Sediment remediation in streams, rivers and waterways
  • CERCLA (Superfund)
  • RCRA
  • State-mandated remediation (e.g. ISRA [NJ])
  • Voluntary remediation

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