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Multi-Party Site Coordination and Management

Since 1988, de maximis has been providing Project Coordination and Management services to multi-party groups involved in environmental projects throughout the United States and in the Caribbean.  Our staff of professional Project Managers has a unique blend of experience in industry, regulatory agencies, remedial contracting and engineering/environmental consulting.  Our firm has been successful in minimizing the overall project cost by proactively providing the following services:

Technical Management

  • Agency negotiation and technical liaison
  • Development of Scope of Work (SOW)
  • Coordination of bidding process (RFP, bid review, contractor selection)
  • Schedule development and progress tracking
  • Technical document review, review coordination and input

Administrative Management

  • Coordination and documentation of internal and external meetings and conference calls
  • Distribution of reports to regulatory agencies and involved parties
  • Contract development, negotiation and management
  • Preparation and distribution of progress reports
  • Coordination of public affairs / public relations
  • Document management, retention and tracking

Financial Management

  • Track, report and project on all costs incurred by project contractors and consultants
  • Review and approve contractor(s)' invoices
  • Review, negotiate and recommend approval of change orders or budget modifications

Construction Management/Oversight

  • Represent client on all construction activities to protect client's commercial interests
  • Manage all pre-construction activities
  • Oversee all construction work to ensure compliance with contract documents and schedule
  • Coordinate/resolve design changes or constructability issues raised by contractor
  • Coordinate preparation and timely review of all submittals and shop drawings
  • Perform administrative, technical and financial management elements, as above

Independent Quality Assurance Team (IQAT)

  • Verify implementation of Construction Quality Control Plan and Construction Quality Assurance Plan
  • Verify the proper implementation of all testing, monitoring and methodologies required by specifications
  • Periodically observe and document the performance of the Engineer's and Contractor's work
  • Report directly to Client regarding all observations and evaluations

Fund Management

  • Establish the Trust and Tax Identification Number (Qualified and Non-Qualified Accounts)
  • Prepare quarterly accounting reports showing all items of income, disbursement and contributions
  • Issue cash calls on frequency established by client
  • Pay approved invoices; record and deposit receipts
  • Track individual participant information based on allocation
  • Prepare tax reports to the clients (tax forms prepared by independent accounting firm)

de maximis has provided coordination and management services to Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) Groups at over 100 federal and state Superfund sites nationwide. Our clients have avoided millions of dollars of remedial costs through our proactive management of all phases of remediation (RI, FS, RD, RA, ERA and O&M) and our successful negotiation of favorable Statements of Work (SOW), Explanations of Significant Difference (ESD) and Records of Decision (ROD). We effectively apply our in-depth knowledge of regulatory policies, protocols and guidance, remedial technologies and experience/precedence on other projects to establish a track record of reducing costs while improving quality. de maximis has also assisted corporations and industries with common interests on non-Superfund projects, such as airport remediation, facilities assessment and remediation of property where buyer(s) and seller(s) are sharing costs.

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