Project Experience

Construction Management

Experience from A to Z
de maximis’s  Construction Management experience ranges from Air Sparging to Zebra striping across the U.S. and its territories. We have construction managers in place on projects where we are the Project Coordinators as well as on other projects. As with all our services, our Construction Managers work on Multi-Party, Single Party, Superfund, Demolition & Disposal,  NRD, and Radiological projects.

Our Construction Management project experience includes:


Groundwater Demolition and Disposal
DNAPL Interceptor System Assessment
DNAPL Extraction and Treatment Asbestos removal
Dewatering Facility and Building demolition
Extraction and treatment Histoplasmosis
In situ chemical oxidation Sheetpile removal
Leachate collection UST handling
Leachate gas collection  
Monitoring well installation Walls/Barriers
Monitoring well rehab/abandonment Freeze Wall
Solidification Permeable Iron Reactive Barrier Wall  
  Slurry Wall
Soils and Sediment Subsurface containment barrier
Air sparging  
De-watering Caps
Excavation Hazardous/ Non-Hazardous Waste:
Hydraulic dredging Clay
Habitat Evaluation Concrete
In situ and ex situ thermal treatment Soil
Mechanical dredging Synthetic
Stabilization Underwater
Storm water/drainage basins Various alternative covers
Soil vapor extraction  
Underwater capping  
Wetlands mitigation and restoration