Decommissioning & Demolition Management

To demolish something can be simple, but to demolish something properly takes responsibility, experience, and careful planning. de maximis Project Managers and Construction Managers provide our clients with the services necessary to ensure the safe and cost-effective decommissioning and demolition of a wide variety of facilities across the country.

We are responsible for the careful upfront planning of the project, working with the primary Contractor to develop a Building Decommissioning Assessment (BDA) to inventory and characterize all of the materials that will undergo decommissioning and demolition. With information regarding material types, volumes, and contents (e.g. hazardous/non-hazardous, meaningful specifications, bids and budgets can be developed to take advantage of the maximum amount of reclamation and recycling of material. The BDA also provides the necessary health information to properly manage the demolition activities without any additional risk to the surrounding community and facilities.

Our Project Managers are also well versed in environmental remediation, which can often become part of the decommissioning/demolition process as it proceeds. With day-to-day involvement with the Contractor, acting as the client advocate, we confirm that the contract documents are being followed and our client’s commercial interest are protected. Once the project is complete, we prepare the final project closeout documents and cost information.

Decommissioning and Demolition Management Services provided by de maximis frequently include:

  • Facilitate and communicate between client, contractor(s), engineer, disposal facilities, laboratories, and potential developers
  • Review work to ensure that it proceeds in accordance with contract / work plans.
  • Schedule work at various locations to meet the needs of client, contractor, and developer.
  • Coordinate the on-site activities with client facilities personnel (e.g. WWTP, Fire/Security, Facilities Management, Powerhouse, EHS personnel).
  • Negotiations with union representatives regarding match hours for non-union workers.
  • Inspect decommissioning work and approve for demolition.
  • Establish, track and report budgets
  • Prepare/review and sign waste manifests for client. Track and submit to regulatory authorities.
  • Provide IQAT for decommissioning / RCRA issues prior to demolition
  • Prepare for and attend client management briefings (meetings)
  • Prepare/review closeout reports
  • Assist developer with environmental / regulatory issues during redevelopment