Construction Management / Oversight

Our experience over the past three decades has clearly demonstrated to our firm and our clients that their technical and commercial (financial and contractual) interests during the Remedial Action phase of a project are best served and protected by having a Construction Manager that is:

  • Retained directly by the client to act as an extension of the client’s organization
  • Independent from the Contractor and Design Engineer
  • Experienced in managing the work being completed by the Contractor

As Construction Manager, we ensure that the work being performed by the Contractor(s) is:

  • Completed in a manner consistent with the requirements of the project-related documents, including the contract, design and schedule
  • Completed at a cost that is understood and agreed to in advance of project expenditures
  • Is of high quality

Throughout construction, we constructively challenge the Remedial Action Contractor(s) to perform to the high standards our clients deserve. Each decision we make in the field or in the office is focused on controlling both short-term and long-term costs by applying our leadership experience to identify and anticipate change before it adversely impacts the project. Services commonly provided by de maximis as the Construction Manager are as follows:

  • Coordination of all pre-construction activities, including the pre-construction meeting, any bid addenda, preparation of any Remedial Action Work Plans, and development of the Critical Path Management (CPM) schedule
  • Management of change during construction, including coordinating between Engineer and Contractor of proposed changes to construction methods, materials or schedule
  • Manage all financial aspects of the work, including tracking and reporting on all expenditures, reviewing and approving invoices and change orders and preparing periodic reports to the client
  • Coordinate all project closeout activities, including pre-final inspections with Contractor and Engineer, documenting all items for completion, coordinate final inspection with Contractor, Engineer and agencies, and review of final project record drawings

de maximis has provided Construction Management and Oversight services on the following types of projects across the country, which have included a variety of remedial technologies:

  • Federal and State Superfund sites
  • Sediment remediation, including dredging and capping
  • Closing and Decommissioning of major industrial, automotive and commercial facilities and plants
  • Radiological remediation and closure
  • State-mandated site remediation
  • Voluntary site remediation to allow for property sale or redevelopment (e.g. Brownfields)
  • Non-environmental site development