Services Overview

Since our inception in 1988, de maximis is one of the few organizations focused primarily on the management of environmental projects. We are an independent, employee-owned company, and are not a subsidiary or division of a major engineering or construction firm. As a project management company, we do not compete with the major engineering, consulting, or contracting firms. Our independence from the Engineer and Contractor on a project allows us to constructively challenge them to achieve the performance our clients deserve.

Our experience is that the greatest opportunity to influence the total cost of the project is during the initial planning and development stage.  Taking charge of and strategically directing the remedial process offers the performing parties the greatest opportunity to influence not only the design costs, but also the pre-design investigation, construction, and long-term Operation and Maintenance costs. Capitalizing on this opportunity requires a carefully developed strategy for meeting the project objectives and managing contingencies.

Our corporate goal is to provide our clients with superior management and support services that will improve the project quality, protect our client’s interests, and minimize the overall cost.  We continue to successfully meet this goal, as demonstrated by the number of Superfund sites that we manage.

de maximis has served as the project manager/coordinator on well over 100 Superfund sites across the country and in the Caribbean.  The majority of these projects have been for multiple party PRP Groups and typically consisted of managing the Remedial Design, Remedial Action, or combined RD/RAs at Federal Superfund Sites. The volume of CERCLA projects that we have completed gives us significant experience in competitive procurement and management of remedial design consultants and remedial action contractors, including the myriad site-specific issues that arise during the course of a project.

We have worked within a variety of single party and PRP Group structures, including Executive, Management, Steering, Strategic Planning, de minimis, Natural Resource Damage, and Technical Committees.

Our general scope of services has expanded over the years based upon the needs of our clients. We have performed airport remediation, provided Independent Quality Assurance Teams, provided technical support to law firms as well as expert testimony. We have also assisted many corporations in conducting audits of their corporate environmental programs and specific projects (e.g. environmental site remediation [voluntary or mandated], site demolition and decommissioning, sediment remediation, remedial system operation & maintenance).

As appropriate, we meet with our client’s project manager(s) or environmental staff to review the status of each project or the corporate management program. Our initial goal is to gain an appreciation for those areas where there may be a potential to reduce the overall time and/or cost of remediation or to understand what may need to be “fixed”. We have performed audits on projects during all phases of the remediation. For example, during the initial stages of a Remedial Investigation (RI), we look for ways to modify the scope of work, contracting strategy and other agency requirements that will ultimately dictate the level of effort and cost. We have also conducted audits at the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) phase, when long-term liability and operational cost become the driving economic factors. Our staff applies its extensive management and technical expertise to develop an “end-game” or “buy-out” strategy for our clients. We have evaluated proposals from companies offering “exit programs” for our clients, helping them to decide when in a project it makes economic sense to consider transferring liability and cost.